Fatherhood (after marriage) is the hardest, best job I’ve ever had. Think about it for a moment; God has entrusted me to care for, train, and empower human beings to have enough courage to one day walk into the destiny God has planned for them. What a deep, heavy, honor God has given parents! It’s the greatest ministry opportunity there ever was.


Ryan. The eldest of the world renown 'Dutton Brothers.' Full of life and love. Even at seven years old, his compassion for all shines through brightly. Ryan has the innate ability to make everyone feel special when they are around him. He feels deeply and has the ability to make everyone in his life feel special and important. A natural born leader. Already smarter than his dad.

Fun Fact:

was proposed to on a beach in Thailand when he was 2 1/2


Full of spice and color. Life is NEVER boring with Benjamin Dutton in the room. One of the most determined people I've ever met in my life. He is blessed with vision and will not sacrifice or relent until it is accomplished. 

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