BRAD'S Experience

Brad holds a Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Arkansas and a Master's Degree in Church Planting/Church Growth & Evangelism from Liberty Theological Seminary. 

He was a youth pastor for 11 years before moving to Hong Kong in early 2012 to plant and shepherd New Heights Church Hong Kong.

A gifted communicator of scripture and God's truth, he has been invited to speak at various churches, rallies, camps, and special events. 



brad's story

I met Jesus when I was sixteen years old. I remember driving in an unfamiliar part of town trying to find a spot to think about all the things going on in my life at the time.  I apparently took a couple wrong turns and got lost to the point where I didn’t know where I was. I remember audibly saying out loud to myself ‘man, I’m lost’; it was at that point that God spoke to me and said ‘yes, you are’. The next evening I went to speak with my youth pastor at the time and asked Christ into my heart on October 27th, 1995. It was the next summer during a camp that God called me into full-time Ministry. God has allowed me to be involved with various types of ministry in the past 16 years to confirm His call and faithfulness on my life. We've seen God do amazing and awe-inspiring things in our journey but the single theme running through our story seems to be that of life and growth. It seems that in every ministry we have been called to, we get the privilege of seeing God's blessings pour down on that ministry and bring the John 10:10 life Jesus speaks about. As a result of the life experienced which can only be found in Jesus, the ministry sees growth in not only numbers but depth as well. Since February 2012, my family and I have lived in Hong Kong where we have sensed God calling us to reach this strategic world city. Every day, we pray and plead with God to bring life and growth to this city God loves.