Some of my past work

In addition to pastoring and preaching, I consider myself a novice designer. I see the visual as an enhancement of the spoken. A clearly worded, well crafted piece of communication can be completely lost by the audience if the visuals of the presentation distract or overwhelm and confuse the message. There should be a harmony between the content and the design. The two should compliment and mutually enhance each other, like perfect dance partners. Below are some of my more recent pieces of 'message enhancers'. 

nhc new logo.jpg


I rebranded our church's logo to reinforce the direction and vision of our church. Acts 2:42-47 describes the effectiveness of the early church. At New Heights, we believe there are six characteristics of a healthy spiritual community: 

Teaching, Fellowship, Worship, Prayer, Mission, Unity

The hexagon is a representation of this belief. The hexagons are also seen to be multiplying from one to two healthy spiritual communities symbolizing our desire to be an agent of multiplication of healthy spiritual communities in our city. There are also three hexagons representing the trinity. 


Donut Miss It

In celebration of our church's 4th birthday, we created a 'donut miss it' theme, featuring a wall of donuts on the day of celebration and coinciding artwork. The underlying emphasis was fun, so I think the artwork and feel of the branding and typeface reflect this well.

new heights U.png

New Heights U

Discipleship/Training classes we designed and implemented